Inspired from the role that corsets have been playing in the empowerment of women – be it by improving the posture and in turn helping women feel more confident, enhancing the beauty by helping flaunt the much coveted waistline or the classic hourglass figure that has never been out of the fashion, we created a corset brand that has been winning hearts and has become a go-to destination for corsets in Europe (www.corsetdeal.co.uk )  & North America ( www.corsetdeal.com ) . Our lead fashion designer, Suman Bharti, who believes in celebrating women body shapes, has been designing the most chic, trendy and functional corsets and with his help, we are all set to launch our India Store, www.corsetdeal.co.in

Unlike the designed-for-masses collection, our corsets are designed while keeping in mind the requirements of different body types & culture sensitivity, feature high level of attention details, and keep you comfortable while helping you look your best. With a wide range of materials, designs and functional offerings for every need, we are quite sure that you would have to look no further for any of your corset needs.

With the years of knowledge & expertise in crafting the world-class corsets, we also find ourselves in good position to help you make the right choice, and our easily approachable team is always happy to help you.